Attorney General of NM is suing Meta
Attorney General of NM is suing Meta

The Attorney General of New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against Meta


New Mexico has alleged that Instagram and Facebook contain a staggering tenfold higher volume of 'child exploitative content' in comparison to platforms like Porn Hub and Only Fans.

The Attorney General of New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against Meta, alleging that Facebook and Instagram host a greater amount of "explicit content involving minors" on their platforms compared to Porn Hub and OnlyFans.

Raúl Torrez, the Attorney General of New Mexico, has taken legal action against Mark Zuckerberg's company, contending that Meta's social media platforms are not doing enough to combat child sexual abuse material (CSAM), thereby jeopardizing the well-being of children in New Mexico.

Meta responded to these allegations by stating to CNBC that they employ advanced technology and reporting mechanisms to identify and remove individuals involved in CSAM.

This lawsuit comes at a time when online platforms are under increasing pressure from authorities to implement stringent age-verification procedures in order to prevent minors from accessing explicit content, including pornography. The state of New Mexico accuses Meta of engaging in "unfair trade practices" by allowing the distribution of CSAM and facilitating the trafficking of minors. The state also claims that Meta's platform algorithms promote sexual content without enforcing proper age verification or identifying networks engaged in child sexual exploitation.

Meta asserted that, "In one month alone, we disabled more than half a million accounts for violating our child safety policies."

The Attorney General's office of New Mexico revealed that they conducted an investigation prior to initiating the lawsuit, which found that "explicit content involving minors is over ten times more prevalent on Facebook and Instagram than on Porn and OnlyFans"

In the lawsuit, the office also pointed out that, OnlyFans has banned certain adult content related to dominant-submissive relationships between adults and young girls ('DDLG'), as it has the potential to lead to child sexual exploitation." However, they found numerous posts and accounts on Instagram that depicted or promoted abusive behaviors towards young girls, such as choking, slapping, tying up, and engaging in sexual acts with them.

Meta reiterated to CNBC that they employ "advanced technology" and collaborate with child safety experts, report content to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and share information and tools with other companies and law enforcement, including state attorneys general, to combat predators on their platforms.


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