Updated info on LoRA Concepts
Updated info on LoRA Concepts

Hello AI Art Enthusiast! 

If you're try to generate small chest use this in your prompts! 


(Notice the :-1) You can increase or decrease this in increments of 0.1 for bigger or smaller chest. Up to around 1.5 for Dolly Parton chest! For example if you used (<lora:breastsizeslideroffset:-0.9>)  the results would be slightly bigger :-0.8 would be bigger and so on. :1.0 is about a C cup. 

Also to generate chubby or skinny persons use this LoRA Concept in your prompts. 


Again, you can change the :1 which is the default. So, for skinny adjust into the negative (:-1) and adjust in increments of :0.1. The maximum here is about (:-1.5) More than that and you will start to see very uncanny results.

Same instructions for this awesome DETAIL slider! 


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