Train Your LoRA on Civitai

How to train your own LoRA using your own images on Civitai


To train your own model using your face on Civitai you can follow these general steps:

  1. Accessing the Trainer: First, access the Civitai LoRA Trainer by clicking the Green + icon beside the Civitai Logo, then select "Train a model".
  2. Choosing a Model Type: You'll start with choosing a model type, which pre-sets some advanced training settings. For beginners, these settings are simplified, but they can be tweaked by experienced users. You will also need to give your model a name.
  3. Adding Training Data: This involves uploading a zip file of images and corresponding caption.txt files, or just loose images. The images should be in formats like `.png, .jpg, .jpeg`, and caption files in `.txt` format. It's important that the image file name matches the caption text file name (e.g., 1.png and 1.txt).
  4. Training Job Data Retention: Note that the data you upload will be persisted only until the training job is completed unless you elect to share your dataset. After training, the images and models will be retained for 30 days. 
  5. Review Settings and Submit: The final step before training involves selecting a Base Model and adjusting any advanced settings if needed. Once you're ready, you can submit to begin training. 
  6. Waiting and Testing: After submitting, you'll have to wait for the training to complete. You will receive an email when your model is ready for testing. 

    Additionally, for creating your dataset, you can use tools like dataset maker colabs, which assist in image scraping, curation, and tagging. These tools allow for the automatic generation of datasets with appropriate tags, which is crucial for training. 

    “Remember, it's important to ensure that you own the rights to any images you use for training, especially if they include your face or that of others.”

    The Civitai LoRA Trainer is designed to be accessible to all users, regardless of their experience level in model training. It simplifies the complex aspects of model training while still providing advanced options for those who need them. 
    For more detailed guidance and to begin your training process, visit Civitai's website and their educational resources.

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