AiPornHub Prompts

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1. Model: AI-PornMaster-Hub જ⁀➴₊

Prompt: masterpiece, cinematic,milf,photo of a Young and beautiful 24year old British woman,Beautiful golden hair flowing in the wind, detailed skin texture, shot on film, vibrant colors,completely nude, legs spread, sitting, beach, Realistic ocean background, sunset, sea water reflecting sunlight, detailed breasts and detailed nipples and detailed areolas and detailed natural pubic hair and detailed pussy <lora:DETAIL_SLIDER_BY_STABLE_YOGI:1>


AI-PornMaster-HubTrigger Words: REDDIT,BEST QUALITY,MEDIUM QUALITY,HIGH QUALITY, BEST AESTHETIC,NORMAL AESTHETIC,BAD AESTHETIC, r/gonewild, r/nsfw,r/RealGirls, r/cumsluts, r/LegalTeens, r/collegesluts, r/AsiansGoneWild, r/pussy, r/milf, r/adorableporn, r/ass, r/Nude_Selfie, r/pawg, r/boobs, r/celebnsfw, r/bigasses, r/juicyasians, r/Latinas, r/GodPussy ,r/Amateur, r/xsmallgirls, r/18_19, r/Gonewild18, r/asshole, r/workgonewild, r/nsfwcosplay, r/palegirls, r/paag, r/asstastic, r/Upskirt, r/TooCuteForPorn, r/TinyTits, r/FitNakedChicks, r/altgonewild,r/traps,r/FemBoys, r/GWCouples, r/Boobies, r/CuteLittleButts, r/GirlswithGlasses, r/assholegonewild, r/PetiteGoneWild, r/BDSM


2. Model: AIPH-CyberRealistic જ⁀➴₊

Prompt: Beautiful girl, ultra seductive, very shiny skin, white skin tone, short blonde straight hair, romantically looking at the camera, perfect contour, beautiful face, opened lips, standing, completely nude, larger breasts, detailed nipples, detailed pussy, beautiful hands and fingers, abdomen muscle, cowboy hat, desert, sunshine




3. Model: AIPH-AbsoluteReality જ⁀➴₊

Prompt: ((masterpiece)), Fashion magazine cover photo of a young asian female, kpop BLACKPINK, model with jet black hair, bold red lipstick, detailed skin, leather jacket, posing confidently with hand on hip, upper body shot, studio backdrop, (bright fill lighting:1.4) from the front balancing out shadows, straight on angle, very shallow DOF, in an edgy style, <lora:DETAIL_SLIDER_BY_STABLE_YOGI:1>



4. Model: AIPornHub-MergeMix જ⁀➴₊

Prompts: gorgeous woman with a perfect body sitting naked in a sauna, perfect breasts, athletic, [muscular:0.5] <lora:Elixir:1> <lora:add_detail:1> <lora:DETAIL_SLIDER_BY_STABLE_YOGI:1>



5. Model: AiPH SunsetFusion જ⁀➴₊

Prompt: full body, raw photo, unreal engine, beautiful, masterpiece, best quality, extremely detailed face, perfect lighting, best quality, (ultra detailed, { big expressive eyes, perfect round face, beautiful face, round face, perfect hair, big eyes, 21year old sexy woman, exercising, black hair, short hair, bangs, natural breasts, naturally sagging huge breasts, white micro bikini, thin skimpy top, (white loincloth:1.3), wet loincloth, drenched, wet skin, sweaty, sweaty skin, very pale skin, huge ass, no panties, embarrassed, seductive look, blush, sexy, sunlight, lens distortion, high resolution <lora:DETAIL_SLIDER_BY_STABLE_YOGI:1> 



6. Model: BlackRose જ⁀➴₊

Prompt: ((masterpiece)), a photo of a gorgeous cute Austrian girl, smiling, (crop top), Steel gray hair loose braided hair, comics printed shirt, oversized jogger pants, lean against the wall, backstreet, (graffiti on the wall), hip-hop, smiling, hands in pockets, perfectly symmetrical face, detailed skin, elegant, alluring, attractive, amazing photograph, DSLR, 80mm Sigma f2,( depth of field),( intricate natural lighting), (shot on Canon EOS-1D X Mark III:1.0), (hi res, absurd res, real, photorealism, real life, photography \(artwork\):1.0) <lora:Detail Slider V2 By Stable :0.4><lora:DETAIL_SLIDER_BY_STABLE_YOGI:1>



7.Model: BlackRose Classic જ⁀➴₊

Prompt: ((masterpiece)), 1girl, cowboy shot, smile, McDonaldsUniform, <lora:McDonaldsUniform:0.8> cheeseburgers on breasts, solo, light smile, shirt, black shirt, uniform, black pants, very long hair, black hair, <lora:Underboob CropTop by Stable Yogi:0.8> underboob t shirt, underboob bra <lora:DETAIL_SLIDER_BY_STABLE_YOGI:1>



Each model represents a unique chapter in my journey of AI exploration, shaped and influenced by the collective voices of countless individuals. Their desires and imaginations have been the driving force behind these creations, making each model not just a tool, but a story of human aspiration and creativity. As you explore these models through the prompts I've shared, I hope you find inspiration and excitement in the limitless possibilities of AI. Stay curious, and let's continue to shape the future of AI together!