News Letter Banned words
News Letter Banned words

Hello Ai Porn Art Enthusiasts, 

We were asked what are banned words. Basically as all respectable generators would have, we have a list of banned words that are in place to curve attempts to generate illegal content. Words such as Loli, baby, child, 17 yo, (or younger) etc. You get the idea. Hope this clarifies the issue. Just avoid words that might be construed as attempting to create depictions of underage content and you should be good.

Also, we have a bunch of folks generating "Deep Fakes on our public gallery. We are reminding  everyone deep fakes are illegal and forbidden. If you generate illegal content on our public gallery you absolutely risk being banned and you will not be receiving a refund.

Also, you will see some changes in the results with some models. This is Temporary. We have a couple out that we released a little early that need to be fine tuned so you might see 1-2 come and go occasionally. We are reading your feedbacks and taking action as quickly as possible. Some things take time, but we want to take your suggestions and apply everyone of them that's feasible. 

Someone asked for the option to save their personal prompts and negative prompts. We heard you loud and clear and that is one of the things we are working on. We appreciate all the likes we are getting on the feedback button. We continue to have more likes than dislikes and appreciate it. Pleas keep smashing it for your suggestions and dislikes as well! 

Don't forget to go back and delete any images that failed to generate in order to prevent extended wait times!

Lastly, you guys are now generating over one million images every month not including our user of our Diamond plan who generate privately! We have 50,000 active users in over 90 countries!  So a very big thank you!

Happy generating! 

AiPornHub™ Team

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