Killer Prompts
Killer Prompts

                                   Killer AI Art Prompts


Ok so, Here are some specific prompts for AI Porn Art also known as words and seed, with guidance,  just to give everyone a starting point. These are going to be SFW for SEO purposes. So, copy and paste and you can see the difference in results. Try different models as well for somewhat diverse results of AI porn

First, we need to tell the first timers about wrapping your prompts with parenthesis. If you want to give specific prompts extra weight use parentheses. They increase those words more “value” than the words without them. You add these (  ) around the words you really want the A.I. to focus on. If you add two sets around a word, this tells the A.I. you mean it. If you ain't bullshittin' you add three or four sets! For example I want to see some titties you would do this, (bare breasts)  if the A.I. still gives you covered up titties like an Amish grandma on Sunday. Well don't fuck around, just do this! (((Bare Breasts))). Get it? Now you can use breasts, boobs, or titties, it shouldn't matter.

 Guidance: is how much do you want the A.I. to follow your prompts. 7.0 is a great place to start and typically our default. You won't have to mess with it much, at first, but definitely experiment with it after you get an understanding of prompts.

Seed: is a random number relating to an image generated. You can enter it in advance. It is an initialized state of a pseudo-random number. Theoretically, you would get the same image with the same seed number and same model. "Theoretically" that should happen but happen like a clone would be exact.

Copy and Paste These But don't be afraid to change them around a bit. See if you can turn it into something totally diffet. Change the background using only prompts. Change 

MCU, Marvel Comics, ((Groot)), bulky wood lines, midjourney v5, professional photoshoot, (Cinematic), Analog style, 32k, lushill, Vibrant, Sharp focus, Art germ, Character design, Unreal Engine, vintage photography, tumblr aesthetic, Hyperrealism, character design, Detailed, Soft Lighting, backlight illumination, extremely realistic, Intricate details, Color Grading, editorial photography, 60mm lens, iso 300, f/4, 1/200th, midjourney v5, professional photoshoot, analog style, 32K, Arthur Artes, lushill, vibrant, sharp focus, artgerm, vintage photography, tumblr aesthetic, hyperrealism, soft lighting, Happy expression on face, backlight illumination, extremely realistic, insane details, intricate details, beautifully color graded, photo journalism, gritty realistic, warm dappled lighting, in focus low depth of field, pantone analog style, Rim lighting, perfect color tones, skin blemishes, freckles and skin pores, sharp fine details, slight sweat on skin. 

Negative Prompts: 3d render Unrealistic Ugly Tiling Poorly Drawn Hands Poorly Drawn Feet Poorly drawn face out of frame Mutation Mutated Extra limbs Extra arms Extra legs Disfigured Deformed Cross-eyed Body out of frame Blurry Bad art Bad anatomy Blurred Watermark Grainy Duplicate

Guidance: 7 

Seed:  742802650




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