Face Fix Upscaling and News
Face Fix Upscaling and News

AI Porn Art

Hello AIPornHub,

Upscaling an AI image before generating will slow things down a bit. We have noticed failed upscaling after generation. If this occurs always delete all images that did not finish. Failing to do so will slow you down in the queue. 

TIP: We have now added a new face fix to our upscaling after generation. If you're happy with your image overall, but need face improvements. Try upscaling x2. That should improve most imperfections with eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Also, we are working to find the cause for the failed upscaling. Thanks for your patience. And we are reading your feedbacks and as always acting on them. We can not reply on the feedback page,but rest assure we read them, investigate and do our best to accommodate everyone, as fast as we can. Someone reported blurry images! We finally witnessed this. We are confident this intermittent issue will be fixed and improve soon! 

Now some of you requested the return of our $9.99 plan. We got you covered! Because of server costs it will be for a limited number of subscribers! We upgraded to support approximately 100 subscribers. So upgrade today we don't know how long it will take to sell out! 

Keep smashing the feedback button. Thanks to the 59 people who smashed it to report they like the additional models and features!

Best Regards, 

SullenVex and the 

AiPornHub™ Team 



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