DreamShaper v7 Model
DreamShaper v7 Model

Introducing the DreamShaper v7 Model 

DreamShaper v7 is a marvel in  AI image generation. With this version, the model enhances its support for LoRA, NSFW content, and overall realism. The developers have also designed a unique "AbsoluteReality" for those looking for an unparalleled real experience.

This version continues to refine the balance between style and realism. If you're a fan of anime or booru tags, you will find DreamShaper v7 significantly better. But don't worry about losing control. This model enhances, rather than erases, the experience you had with the previous versions.

The developers have made their journey of improvement visible through each version. As you step down the versions, you will see a progression from noise offset in V5, to the addition of more style and LoRA support in V6, to the impressive realism in V7.

Remember, the objective has always been to produce images that are neither CG nor heavily filtered photos, but actual paintings. The result is a model that not only creates gorgeous portraits but also stunning backgrounds and anime-style characters. For the best experience with DreamShaper v7, the developers recommend using settings such as CLIP skip 2, ENSD: 31337, and highres.fix or img2img at a higher resolution. Note that the model does not use face restoration, to maintain the painting effect.


- BlackRose

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